Find A Local Florist!

Find a local florist:

First, feel free to call Smith's during business hours, we'd be happy to direct you.


Google Them!

And when you do, search for a local florist by searching for

"florist city state" or "florist+zip"

without the quotes of course.  In the results, avoid the right hand column of paid results often times these are not real local florists, but order gatherers.  Then skip the top 3-4 listinngs on the main part of the page and look for the Google Local listings down by the map.  When you have selected a local florist, if you're going to call them ask a few questions to make sure they are a local florist, and that they can personally do what you would like delivered.  If you plan to order from them online, be sure to check out their "about us" page for information of a non "canned" nature.

State Assocation Lists too are a good source:


State and Local Allied Florists' Associations

Arizona Florists - Members of the Ariziona State Florists' Association
California Florists - Members of the California State Floral Association
Colorado Florists - Colorado Retail Florists Association member database
Connecticut Florists - Real Florists of the Connecticut Florists Association
Kentucky Florists - Members of the of the Kentucky Florists Association
Illinois Florists - Directory of Illinois State Florists Association members
Louisiana Florists - Members of the Louisiana State Florists' Association
Maine Florists - List of members in the Maine State Association
Michigan Florists - Members of the Michigan Floral Association
New Hampshire Florists - List of New Hampshire Florists' Association members
North Carolina Florists - Search for members of the North Carolina State Florists Association
Tennessee Florists - Lists members of the Tennessee State Florists' Association
Texas Florists - Texas State Floral Association members

Atlanta, GA Florists - Professional Association of Atlanta Florists
Chesapeake Floral Association - Professional Florists from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC & Ohio
Detroit and Southeast Michigan Florists - Directory and links to professional local Southeastern MI florist members of the Michigan Floral Association.
Heartland Independent Florists Association - Professional floral association representing florists from Missouri and Kansas. 
Hometown Florists - Member directory and consumer information provided by the Chesapeake Floral Association
Houston, TX Florists - Allied Florists of Houston
Kitsap County, WA Florists - Allied Florists of Kitsap County
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Florists - Twin Cities Florist Association
San Francisco Bay Area Florists - Members of the Master Florists Association
Seattle Area Florists - Members of the Puget Sound Professional Florists Association


National/International Professional Floral Organizations

Society of American Florists Local Florists in the US and Canada
Lists members of North America's largest independent floral association.

Flowers Canada Florists in Canada
Lists and links to members of Canada's premier floral association.

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Accredited Floral Designers
Find locations and contact information for accredited members.

Canadian Academy of Floral Art (CAFA) Accredited Floral Designers

List courtesy of

For consumer information about deceptive floral marketing

practices online and in the yellow pages, please visit:, deceptive floral marketing


Also Check out the Real Florist Blog

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