Awesome Azaleas

Every year they seem to get better and better.  Azaleas are in, and fully budded ready to bloom for many weeks until Spring arrives.

6' Azalea Bush

Florist quality azaleas like Smith’s sells are ideal for use in the home or on the patio, anywhere you’d enjoy a splash of color. Whether placed in a sunny window, gracing an elegant table, or as an outdoor accent, these wonderful plants are the essence of the term “living décor.” Beautiful and long-lasting, florist azaleas are not hardy outdoors at temperatures below 30°F, but will bloom for up to six weeks indoors, or in warmer outdoor weather, offering enduring color and enjoyment.

6" Topiary Azalea Tree

Braided azalea trees make any occasion a special event. With the same outstanding keeping quality and bloom time as regular Keepsake® azaleas, these unique and striking plants offer an almost “topiary” accent, indoors or out. Place them in pairs to accessorize a table, entry way or porch. Use them to grace the ends of pews at a wedding. These gorgeous plants invariably turn heads, no matter where they’re used, and will keep on blooming when other plants have faded.

Care Tips for Maximum Enjoyment:

  • Keep soil moist; water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch, drain off excess water.
  • Azaleas prefer bright diffused sunlight, but not direct sunshine.
  • Place in cool location, avoiding excessive hot and cold areas as well as drafts.
  • Protect furniture with a saucer or dish.

We have several colors of azaleas in stock and get new shipments twice a week.  There is a limited supply on the topiary’s this season, but right now there in and looking awesome!

Stop by Smiths soon, brighten a spot or a whole home with our healthy, Blossom Spring treated plants.

Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Logo

Smith’s Flowers is Midland Michigan’s only Lampe Berger retailer, and we’re stocked up and ready for the last few months of winter with new lamp’s and new fragrances.

Lampe Berger are more than just a pretty “air freshener” they are “air purifiers” that add a decorative touch to home or office, and serve a purpose too.  They actually clean the air of bacteria as they scent the room with a mild, long lasting fragrance.  Home fragrances give an additional dimension to our homes.  They invent a new landscape in the home, draping our homes in new sensations.


Lampe Berger send up intangible walls of flowers and precious woods, ocean breezes and wind, dew drops and fruits, not covering up odors but eliminating them and combining technology to diffuse the scent in a light even manner that adds to a room rather than over powering it.  Their catalytic burner system actually burns without a flame and cleans the air as it scents the room.


There is a Lampe Berger for any decor.


And to brighten any corner, bath room, kitchen, den.

Lampe Berger’s new “Air Pure System 3C” brings improved fragrance diffusion, better preformance in efficency and increased odor destruction.

For Valentines Day Smith’s offers these Lampe Berger models in limited edition.  Sure to become collectors items.


The red heart or jewel for her, and the “T-shirt” for him.  Yes, even men like Lampe Berger, they can choose from many “manly” scents for their offices at home or work.  They are especially effective in the basement.

Great too if you have pets, litter boxes or smokers in the home, Lampe Berger will eliminate those embarassing odors, and leave your home smelling fresh, and scented as you want it to be.

Smith’s currently has 29 different lamp models in stock, and 25 different fragrances as well as neutral which is an unscented fuel, that can be used to either dilute a scent to lessen it’s strength, or burned alone to remove the odors but leave no scent behind.

lampe-berger-lamp-fuelBe sure to only burn Lampe Berger Parfumes in your Lampe Berger, other lamp oils will not work, and will damage your stone.

Stop by Smith’s Flowers and Gifts for a demonstration of Lampe Berger and to see all the models we have in stock.

Sexy Little Succulent’s

Happy Tuesday!  A little warmer out there today, which is nice, and we’ve seen the sun a little more than of late.

Just wanted to share something new we’ve added into our new green plant area.  Some smaller variety plants, many succulents that would be perfect for offices, and desks that don’t have quite as much light.

succulentsWe have many different varieties to choose from, and many different ceramic containers which they can be planted into to fit the decor of the location they are being placed in.

succlent2The above version is only about 5 inches by 5 inches so you can see there would be no problem finding space on your, or your co-workers desk for a little bit of nature.

jadeLarger sizes too are available, like these beautiful 6″ Jade plants that are a great addition to a window sil, or orther setting in your home or office.

Stop by Smith’s Flowers in Midland soon to see all that’s new in green plants for your home or office.

Special orders welcomed, and encouraged.

Green Plants Everywhere

It’s that time of year again, winter is upon us in full strength, and the sun only pokes it’s head out once in a while.  People are getting restless and ready for Spring…I know the staff and I are.

With that, nows a great time to get some new green plants for your home or office, to add a little life back and bring in some green.  Smith’s carries Midland’s largest selection of green plants in many different sizes for any area of your home or office.

Green Plant Display

We’ve redone our plant area too, to include part of our second floor area to expand the space we have for plants so that we can be sure to stock those varieties you want most.

Green Plant Display

All of our plants are treated with Blossom Springs fertilizer and insecticide upon arrival to Smith’s and then weekly as long as they are here, giving them a strong healthy start and you the confidence that you are buying a top quality plant that will grow for years to come in your care.  Even if you think you have a brown thumb, all you need to do is water them.

Stop into Smith’s Flowers and Gifts today and check out our new plant area and pick out a plant or two to brighten your home or office.

Special orders welcome.