Smiths Flowers Summer Rose Special

It’s that time, schools out, the temperature is rising and the roses are blooming in masive numbers.

It’s time for our Summer Rose Special!!!  These are the same Eufloria Roses we sell everyday and we’re offering them up at a seriously low price.  These are not “shorts” like some people sell, these are full size, long stemmed roses of unusually high quality.

Smiths Flowers regular price is $45.00 a dozen wraped up in a celophane presentation bouquet… but for a limited time we’re offering them up for… drum roll……$30.00 a Dozen!!!

Carry out or delivery either way it’s your choice.  Any color we have in stock too!

Do to the fact that Smiths Flowers sells a lot of roses everyday, we may not have all colors in stock everyday but we will also take special orders at this price, while supply lasts from our supplier.  We do reserve the right to end this special at any time, so hurry in or call 989-631-0470 and get in on this unbelievable special.

Happy Summer!!

Blossom Springs is back in stock!

This stuff ROCKS!  And sells out quickly too…

Blossom Springs® is back in stock as of this morning, both in the liquid formula applied with spray bottle and in the soil concentrate that you add to pots, or work in around plants in the garden.

You can order Blossom Springs® online or stop in the store to pick up yours today.

Proflowers for a funeral 2

From my friend Clay down at McAdams Floral in Victoria TX comes this sad story of another Proflowers funeral tribute gone wrong.

Clay said…”When I was making my usual Sunday funeral home deliveries, I happen to see this opened box in an office area. I thought it was for the service I was delivering for on Sunday, but it turns out it was delivered at 10:30 Friday for a 10am service. The customer was calling the funeral home on Friday morning to ask if they got it….she said it should have been delivered on Thursday for the viewing. I can only guess that she ordered it sometime Wednesday, and she was told it was to be delivered next day. Anyway, the funeral home told the family about it later on Friday and they said that they would come by and pick it up…Sunday and it is still there.”


When will people learn?  This poor lady from West Bend WI, paid over $200.00 including shipping and her tribute did not even make it in time for the services.  She would have gotten a much better presentation, not to mention better service from a local florist.  Proflowers relies on Fed/Ex and UPS for delivery of their products in most cases.  Sadly these companies do not understand nor care about the timing issues faced by local florists every day.

By the way, the fine print on this item, says “Easel not included”… most funeral homes do NOT have extra easels, and in this case the funeral home did not, even if the items had made it in time for the service.

pro-flower-funeral-cross-0014Oh, and if any flowers fall out durring shipping, “Just insert them where they make the most sense”…

June is National Rose Month

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. –Gertrude Stein

Well not necessarily!

Smith’s features Eufloria Roses exclusively.  We are the only florist in the Tri-cities that carry Eufloria and we go to great lengths to offer the worlds premiere roses to our customers.

Eufloria are hydroponically grown, and shipped in water from California all the way to Smiths ariving in the same fresh cut state as when they left the farm.  Unlike other roses that are shipped dry in a box, our roses are never dry, never laid down in a box and are the finest roses available.

We are seeing in-home lasting times of up to 3 weeks, and even longer in some cases.

Keep an eye on our blog, we’ll be uploading a video in the next few days showcasing how our roses are packed and shipped.

Send someone roses today!