Awesome Azaleas

Every year they seem to get better and better.  Azaleas are in, and fully budded ready to bloom for many weeks until Spring arrives.

6' Azalea Bush

Florist quality azaleas like Smith’s sells are ideal for use in the home or on the patio, anywhere you’d enjoy a splash of color. Whether placed in a sunny window, gracing an elegant table, or as an outdoor accent, these wonderful plants are the essence of the term “living décor.” Beautiful and long-lasting, florist azaleas are not hardy outdoors at temperatures below 30°F, but will bloom for up to six weeks indoors, or in warmer outdoor weather, offering enduring color and enjoyment.

6" Topiary Azalea Tree

Braided azalea trees make any occasion a special event. With the same outstanding keeping quality and bloom time as regular Keepsake® azaleas, these unique and striking plants offer an almost “topiary” accent, indoors or out. Place them in pairs to accessorize a table, entry way or porch. Use them to grace the ends of pews at a wedding. These gorgeous plants invariably turn heads, no matter where they’re used, and will keep on blooming when other plants have faded.

Care Tips for Maximum Enjoyment:

  • Keep soil moist; water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch, drain off excess water.
  • Azaleas prefer bright diffused sunlight, but not direct sunshine.
  • Place in cool location, avoiding excessive hot and cold areas as well as drafts.
  • Protect furniture with a saucer or dish.

We have several colors of azaleas in stock and get new shipments twice a week.  There is a limited supply on the topiary’s this season, but right now there in and looking awesome!

Stop by Smiths soon, brighten a spot or a whole home with our healthy, Blossom Spring treated plants.

10 Replies to “Awesome Azaleas”

  1. Hi,
    I had a question in regards to the braided azalea tree. Is it an indoor plant? Or can it be placed in a pot outside, and also even planted in the ground. Also, how big/tall will it grow (over how many years)?

  2. Hi Norm, thanks for visiting.

    Yes, the Braided Azalea’s we carry are indoor varieties, generally they can not withstand temperatures below 30 degree’s so they will not winter over in Midland Michigan. You could place them out side for the summer but they must be brought back into the house in the fall.

    Generally they are slow growers, being part of the Rhododendron family, they require bright (full) sun, and a good amount of water. Indoors even, they often need to be watered daily. As to size, they will not get a lot taller, as they need to be trimmed to maintain their shape. However, if you let them go and grow they will gain size but also lose their shape somewhat.

    We do currently have them in stock for Easter, but they are in limited supply. Thanks for asking, have a blessed day.

  3. I have a question?
    the Azalea I bought had some white flowers on it and ive watered it how its been said but all the flowers started to get all brown in the edges and I dont understand why. even the little buds taht are coming out have the brown edges on it.
    Is that ok for that to happen?

  4. Karen, no that’s not “normal”. Did you get the Azalea from us? If so we’d love to see it in person and see whats going on.

    How long have you had the plant?

    Generally when this happens it’s because the plant was either stored too long in a cooler, or was shipped in a box and was not watered and in the light for too long, resulting in the plant aborting the buds.

    Let us know and we’ll try to help you with your plant.

  5. Hi, I received my tree my braided tree for valentines day. Will my tree stay in bloom for a long time? when its done blooming how do I care for it ? will it bloom again this year ? Thank you Vicki

  6. Hi there,

    I won a braided Azalea at the beginning of May… The flowers have finally died back and are dropping now.. I live in NJ what should I do from he on out? Place it outdoors in partial sun/shade , water, fertilize?? then in Oct. bring it in??? Looking for you advice.

    Thank you,

  7. My grand children got me the braided Keepsake Azaleas Remembrance for Mothers Day.Same question as above,they were beautiful bloomed and a couple weeks later,all flowers and leaves started falling off.So I did like it said and cut it back alittle and was hoping it would bloom again.But it didn’t.Is it a one time a year bloomer or will it bloom through out the year.Should I maybe replant it with some mirclegrow.I don’t want to lose it.I love all plants but this one is special of course coming from my grandkids.Sure would appreciate any help you could offer or give me.Thank you so much,Bonnie Billingsley

  8. Hi Bonnie, we’re not sure where you live so it’s a bit hard to provide exact directions, but in general bright light, keep moderately moist and out of drafts.

    Generally Azaleas are a one time bloomer, but we have seen them come back into bloom again, with good care.

  9. Hi. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. I purchased a beautiful braided azalea as a gift for Mother’s Day. She positioned not in direct sunlight as the instructions said, but within days the leaves began falling off. She then moved it unto the patio and the plant thrived. Our temperatures have started to dip so she brought it back into the house, and we are wondering if perhaps you have some suggestions so that we can keep this beautiful healthy and happy over the winter. Thank you for your help with this.

  10. Best thing to do, is bring it indoors, and place in bright direct sun light away from drafts. Water often, keeping the plant moist, but not wet. Trim off any new growth that may have begun along the trunk, and any “wild” branches you may want to remove from the crown.

    Good luck~!

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