Awesome Azaleas

Every year they seem to get better and better.  Azaleas are in, and fully budded ready to bloom for many weeks until Spring arrives.

6' Azalea Bush

Florist quality azaleas like Smith’s sells are ideal for use in the home or on the patio, anywhere you’d enjoy a splash of color. Whether placed in a sunny window, gracing an elegant table, or as an outdoor accent, these wonderful plants are the essence of the term “living décor.” Beautiful and long-lasting, florist azaleas are not hardy outdoors at temperatures below 30°F, but will bloom for up to six weeks indoors, or in warmer outdoor weather, offering enduring color and enjoyment.

6" Topiary Azalea Tree

Braided azalea trees make any occasion a special event. With the same outstanding keeping quality and bloom time as regular Keepsake® azaleas, these unique and striking plants offer an almost “topiary” accent, indoors or out. Place them in pairs to accessorize a table, entry way or porch. Use them to grace the ends of pews at a wedding. These gorgeous plants invariably turn heads, no matter where they’re used, and will keep on blooming when other plants have faded.

Care Tips for Maximum Enjoyment:

  • Keep soil moist; water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch, drain off excess water.
  • Azaleas prefer bright diffused sunlight, but not direct sunshine.
  • Place in cool location, avoiding excessive hot and cold areas as well as drafts.
  • Protect furniture with a saucer or dish.

We have several colors of azaleas in stock and get new shipments twice a week.  There is a limited supply on the topiary’s this season, but right now there in and looking awesome!

Stop by Smiths soon, brighten a spot or a whole home with our healthy, Blossom Spring treated plants.