Smiths Flowers Summer Rose Special

It’s that time, schools out, the temperature is rising and the roses are blooming in masive numbers.

It’s time for our Summer Rose Special!!!  These are the same Eufloria Roses we sell everyday and we’re offering them up at a seriously low price.  These are not “shorts” like some people sell, these are full size, long stemmed roses of unusually high quality.

Smiths Flowers regular price is $45.00 a dozen wraped up in a celophane presentation bouquet… but for a limited time we’re offering them up for… drum roll……$30.00 a Dozen!!!

Carry out or delivery either way it’s your choice.  Any color we have in stock too!

Do to the fact that Smiths Flowers sells a lot of roses everyday, we may not have all colors in stock everyday but we will also take special orders at this price, while supply lasts from our supplier.  We do reserve the right to end this special at any time, so hurry in or call 989-631-0470 and get in on this unbelievable special.

Happy Summer!!

June is National Rose Month

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. –Gertrude Stein

Well not necessarily!

Smith’s features Eufloria Roses exclusively.  We are the only florist in the Tri-cities that carry Eufloria and we go to great lengths to offer the worlds premiere roses to our customers.

Eufloria are hydroponically grown, and shipped in water from California all the way to Smiths ariving in the same fresh cut state as when they left the farm.  Unlike other roses that are shipped dry in a box, our roses are never dry, never laid down in a box and are the finest roses available.

We are seeing in-home lasting times of up to 3 weeks, and even longer in some cases.

Keep an eye on our blog, we’ll be uploading a video in the next few days showcasing how our roses are packed and shipped.

Send someone roses today!

Eufloria Roses – Happy Hour

We just wanted to show off our “test bunch” of Eufloria Happy Hour roses.  These roses arrived in our store on March 30th (15 days ago) and were held in our cooler for 5 days, then vased as we normally do for all of our orders and set out on our front counter.eufloria happy hour rosesWe constantly test the products we sell to be sure they meet our standards.  Thats one of the reasons we went to the extra expense of using Eufloria roses.  They far out preform any other roses we have tested to date.  Being grown in California and shipped in water they are fresher than any other rose we have seen or used.

eufloria happy hourThese images are untouched, and as they came out of the camera, so please excuse the image quality.  We did not want to re-touch them as that would not present the “truth”.

Stop in to Smith’s Flowers in Midland MI and let us show you our roses from Eufloria… we’re impressed, and think you will be too!

Eufloria Roses – grown in the USA!

Well since Chad let the cat out of the bag (thanks, Chad) I guess I’ll go ahead and tell you all about an exciting change in product coming to Smiths Flowers beginning April first.  Smith’s is partnering with Eufloria Flowers, one of the very few premiere rose growers still growing in the United States.  Eufloria is located in Nipomo California and it’s roots go back to mid-nineteenth century Denmark.  eufloriar_logo_4-07You’ll be seeing this logo a lot around Smith’s and in our coolers.  We are changing from our current (non-USA) rose supplier, to offering Eufloris Roses exclusively.  Likewise, we will be the only florist in Midland offering these superior roses to our customers.  Through our volume buying, we are able to offer you these awesome roses at our regular price, not only providing a higher quality rose, but a better value to our customer.


The colors are exquisit and based on our weekely shipping systems we can special order as little as one bunch of a specific color of rose to fit any need you may have.  Eufloria Roses are shipped in water to Smiths, not dry packed in a box like other roses.  Shipping in water is more expensive, but we feel the expense is worth it to give our customers a product that’s never allowed to dehydrate like other roses are when shipped in a box for a week or more before they get to the local florist.

whiteWhites that range from a creamy soft white, to bright, brilliant pure whites.

hotPinks that jump off the page, and come in a variety of shades.

blushingbrideAnd pinks, that are soft, perfect for bridal bouquetts and flower girl baskets.

sweetAs you can see, Eufloria has many quality roses we’ll be showcasing over the next couple months as we bring in weekly shipments, we’ll be changing the varieties weekly for a while to be able to show you all the colors and types available.  Stop in the store often over the next few weeks and have a look at this exciting change to our fresh flower offering.  I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Eufloris, just as we have.

Eufloria is coming to Smith’s!

Keep an eye on our blog and web site as well as the sign in front of the store!

Eufloria is coming to Smith’s starting April first.  Eufloria is the premiere product in their product line and will give Smith’s customers a much richer, more abundant experience with no added cost over our current offering.

We’ll post up some images as soon as they are available!

Stay tuned…

Valentines Roses

One week guys!  That’s all you have until Valentines Day to get ready to show here just how much you care.  And once again this year, roses are the top dog for gift giving once again.  Smith’s Flowers will be fully stocked and ready to send your love and admiriation to your sweetheart either at home or at the office.

Our red roses from Royal Flowers are awesome!  We only sell the “Freedom” variety of red roses.  From our tests they preform far better than any other red rose on the market today and while they do cost us a bit more, once again we will be offering our dozen red roses vased at our normal everyday excellent price of $50.00 a dozen with greens.

freedom-roseEither stop by, call or order online from Smith’s soon to be assured that we have the gift of love you want to send.  Once again this Valentines, we are offering Free Valentine Delivery on orders in Midland delivered February 12th and 13th.

Boxed Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

If you can make this:


Out of this:


Then we want to talk to you about designing for us!

Seriously though, all too often consumers are duped into thinking they are getting the beautiful roses pictured in the top image, and when their gift is delivered they receive the later, a bunch of roses, wrapped in cardboard and a vase (maybe) in the box.

Sites like show a bouquet of colorful roses in a vase, but unless you read the whole page, and click on their delivery policy you don’t know they come in a box via UPS.  And the price… $19.99… seriously, what kind of quality are you going to get for that price?  Not to mention, flowers delivered in a box, in Michigan in February?  Transported in the back of an unheated UPS truck?

Roses and other flowers do not like to be in temperatures below 35-40 degrees for too long.  Most UPS trucks leave and are out on their routes for the whole day, and if your roses are one of the last stops, they WILL be frozen.

Smith’s Flowers roses for Valentines Day are premium 70cm Freedom Roses from Royal Flowers Inc.  We sell nothing else and nothing less.  Yes we pay more for our roses than FTD sells theirs for, but we want our customers to receive the best roses, of the highest quality available.

Processing too is an important part, Smiths’ s spends hundreds of dollars a month to make sure the flowers we sell are processed correctly.  Our buckets are sterilized daily, we use Aqua Fresh for flower longevity and go to great lengths to make sure you receive the best, freshest flowers possible.

Once again this year, Smith’s is offering free delivery for Valentines orders delivered February 12th and 13th, so surprise your loved one and order from Smith’s, we will treat your order with care.

Valentines Day 2009

Saturday February 14th is the day, Valentines Day that is and Smith’s will be fully stocked and ready to deliver your emotions to your Valentine.

The traditional gift of red roses is always in style, and once again this year Smith’s has been able to hold our regular everyday price of $50.00 a dozen arranged in a vase both on red roses as well as many other colors.  We only sell Royal Flowers Inc, Freedom Roses for our red roses, and in our opinion they are the best red rose currently available on the market.

Some ask us, how we can do this at Valentines Day.  Our answer is simple, we do not feel it’s right to gouge our customers simply because of demand.  We would rather absorb the increased expense, knowing we have many good customers that buy roses from us year around and hold our regular price.

Also again this year we are offering FREE delivery on Valentines orders delivered February 12th and 13th anywhere in our delivery area. Visit our Special Offer page to learn how to get this offer when shopping online.

Call now, 631-0470, or order online to take advantage of both of these special offers, and send your Valentine the best flowers available anywhere in the Tri-Cities.

Of course roses are not the only flowers available for Valentines, and no you do not have to purchase a full dozen.  Often a nice mixed arrangement with or without a few roses included is just whats needed.  Or perhaps a beautiful Orchid Plant or other blooming beauty such as Azaleas.

Call, stop in or order online today!