More on deceptive marketing!

As noted in our last blog addition, there are some really upset, and rightfully so, consumers and Senators alike.

Cathy wrote a great blog piece about it “Whither the ethics” on the Real Florist Blog, and there are many more examples floating about cyberspace from the last week or so.

More coverage of the Senate hearings:

PC Magazine: Is Your Favorite E-Commerce Site Ripping You Off? by Chloe Albanisius
Information Week: Lawmakers Slam Deceptive Marketers by Thomas Clayburn
The Associated Press: Senators Blast Web sites for Scamming Shoppers by Lolita C./ Baldor
Washington Post: Rockefeller takes on aggressive online sales tactics, report finds firms misleading consumers by Cecilia King

We as florists are glad to see the US Senate taking a hard line on this type of marketing, which is at best a scam, and at worst out right thievery.

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  1. Thanks for helping to bring the issue of deceptive on-line marketing by three of the biggest players in the the floral industry. Hopefully, by helping consumer awareness about these unethical practices by “trusted” companies, the consumer will further realize that they need to find a great, ethical and real local florist when placing their order for flowers. My other hope is that the unethical behavior of these scamming companies does not damage the consumer’s trust in the floral industry, as a whole.

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