We are not FTD~!

Yes, Smiths Flowers is still a member of FTD, and we do use 1-2 of their services to facilitate customer order transfers when customers do not wish to use Our List of Preffered Florists, but that’s where the association ends. So while we utilize FTD, we are not FTD and have never been a part of their web marketing schemes.

There has been much talk in the online arena today regarding FTD, and their parent company United Online who also owns Classmates.com. For starters:

Posted by kdawson on Tuesday November 17, @08:08AM
which shoppers encounter (often with little comprehension) on the sites of online retailers such as as Continental Airlines, FTD, and Classmates.com.
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Send a sweet or fragrant centerpiece from Cookies by Design where members receive a 15 percent discount or FTD.com where members receive 25 percent off
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including sellers such as 1800Flowers.com, Fandango, FTD, Orbitz, Priceline, Shutterfly, Buy.com, Barnes & Noble, Expedia, as well as many, many more.
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All the ballyhoo comes from their web loyalty programs that generate dollars via clickthroughs and signing people up for supposed discounts at a later date, but actually many consumers don’t even know they are sigining up for an automatic charge to their credit cards month after month.

This is now being investigated by the US Senate:   Senator Rockefeller issued a statement on the report, saying:

After six months, this Committee has found that the companies we are investigating have figured out very clever ways to manipulate consumers’ buying habits so they can make a quick buck. American consumers have been complaining for years about these misleading practices and asking for answers – and rightly so. […] Millions of Americans are getting hit with these mystery charges every month – we have to do all we can to protect the hard working families relying on us to look out for their wallets and well-being.

All we can say is that it’s about time.

Again we thank you for your continued patronage, and look forward to serving you again this holiday season… Be Blessed!

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