• Faqs, Faqs, Faqs...

Just the FAQs!


1. What if I want to talk by telephone to a professional florist for advice or suggestions on sending flowers or gifts?

At Smith's Flowers, professional advice from our sales team is available as follows;
Monday – Friday: 8:00AM to 5:30PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to 1:00PM
Local Phone (989)631-0470
Toll Free (800)631-0470
Fax (989)631-4418

2. What happens after I order a gift online?

Your online order is sent over a secure, encrypted connection to Smith's Flowers by a secure, dedicated server solely operated by Florist 2.0. Upon receiving your smithsflowers.com order, you will receive a confirmation number to certify that the order has been placed, you will also recieve an E-recipt as well as an electronic delivery confirmation once delivery has been completed. In some cases we can also provide this service on wire orders outside of Midland.

3. Is my credit card number safe?

Yes. Ordering flowers and gifts from Smithsflowers.com is safe and secure. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology on our website which means all of your personal information and credit card number is encrypted before it is sent to our secure server. Our secure server is protected against unauthorized access. You never have to worry about your credit card safety.

4. What happens if I need to make a change in the delivery date, delivery address or card message to an online order?

No problem. Just contact us by email (sales@smithsflowers.com) or telephone (989-631-0470) and give us your order confirmation number, we will make the changes. Please try to request any changes by noon on the delivery date.

5. What are my payment options?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express or an established Smith's Flowers House Account. We gladly welcome personal checks if you shop at our store in person, or send thru the U.S. Postal Service to arrive prior to the delivery date.

6. When do you charge my credit card?

We obtain authorization the day you place your order in all cases, we do not charge your card until delivery is complete. Please note that debt cards will have funds immediately removed at this time.

7. What about state sales tax?

You will be charged an 6% sales tax on all products and service charges, regardless of your location, as directed by the State of Michigan.

• Does Smiths Flowers offer special orders?

Yes, Smiths Flowers does offer "special" ordering services.  If there is a particular flower or plant that you would like for a special event, just contact us and we will do what ever we can to help you obtain the item,  or flower type you need.

• Do you deliver to Bay City and Saginaw?

Smiths Flowers does not deliver directly to Bay City and Saginaw.  There are some very good florists in both cities, and due to the expense of delivery we can not offer this service.  However, if you have a need for flower delivery in either city, call us and we'll give you the number of a servicing florist.  Just be sure to tell them "Smiths sent me".

• Does Smiths offer discounts to civic and non-profit groups?

Smiths Flowers makes every attempt to work with various groups, civic organizations and non-profits to offer them discounts on bulk purchases of fresh flowers and even plants.  Many groups each year use this service to obtain items to be used for fund raising events, carnivals and more.

These discounts apply to "bulk purchases" only.  Bulk purchases are defined as box lots of flowers and plants that require no labor on our part.  In some instances we will process the product, and prepare it for your use.

• Why is Smiths not open on Sunday?

Sunday is the Lord's day.  A day of rest, and time to be spent with family and friends.

We all work very hard Monday thru Saturday and need time to recoup our energies.  Like you we too need time to be with our families and at home.  Several years ago the decission was made to get back to basics, back to what truly mattered and that's family.  It's not all about money and making a dime, sometimes you just have to step back and figure out what is really important.

We would all be glad to service your needs Monday through Saturday, 52 weeks a year.

• Does Smiths recycle vases and containers?

Yes we do!  Many people have closets or boxes full of vases they have collected over the years, and we'd be more than happy to recycle them for you.  No need to wash them, just box them up and drop them by the store, and we'll keep them out of the land fill.

Sorry, no milk glass please.